About Premier

Premier began operations in 1990 and has grown to a position of leadership in the industry through devotion to quality control, product reliability, and a well-founded reputation for customer service.

Unlike most HDD rod manufacturers, including several major rig OEM’s, Premier is not dependent on outside vendors or services for the production of our pipe. We do it all in-house. This not only allows Premier to produce and deliver the most cost-effective drill rod in the industry, it also allows complete control over each phase of the manufacturing process. We utilize a high strength low alloy steel specifically formulated to maximize fatigue resistance and rod longevity. We only buy raw pipe, certified to the exacting specifications of the American Petroleum Institute (API). The entire manufacturing process from forging and inertia welding to quenching and tempering, machining and inspection are performed at Premier facilities.

 Every step of the production process is monitored by rigorous quality control procedures, including stringent electromagnetic and dimensional testing required to meet the highest standard of API Q1. The API Q1 specification is a standard not frequently applied in our industry; however, it is one that goes into every rod manufactured at every Premier API licensed facility.

Premier Drill Products™ manufactures and distributes the most complete line of horizontal drilling (HDD) tubulars in the world. Each and every day we set the standard for forged-end inertia-welded rods.  Premier is so confident in the integrity of our inertia-weld that we offer an unconditional guarantee on the weld irrespective of operating conditions. Maxi-rig operators have long used forged-end inertia-welded rods for their most demanding projects. Additionally, the rugged design of forged-end inertia-welded drill pipe tool joints have been the standard for oilfield drill pipe for many years.

As evidence of the Premier product integrity, performance and reliability, we manufacture and distribute virtually all sizes of Vermeer®, Jet Trac® and Case® compatible rods, not to mention rods for most other rigs.

At Premier, we also understand that HDD projects can be unpredictable and the need for drill rods is, in many cases, immediate. That is why Premier maintains a network of qualified distributors and stock points through out the United States and overseas. We can also design and manufacture specialty strings for any number of unique projects.

Our experienced staff, coupled with advanced manufacturing technology is the basis for our superior product quality. Simply put, we stand behind every rod we produce… because we can.